As many  shabar mantras are there, it is easy to prove because they are proven in themselves, only it has to be awakened, if you practice it with the right method, then that mantra will be proven, today how can you achieve shabar attraction   I will explain about it in detail, the specialty of this mantra is that this mantra can be used for killing and can also be used for attraction   because this mantra is simple mantra(, those who are tantric and aghori (astrologer)  will know simple  (You can use this mantra on everyone) .

simple Mantra You can use this mantra on everyone  is proven to do Tantric Kriya,(black magic) those who do Tantric Kriya have simple Mantra,

So let me tell you in detail about how Shabar attraction  Mantra is proved,



kaala kaluva chaunsath veer | taal bhagee tor | jahan ko bhejoo vaheen ko jaye | mans – majja ko shabd ban jaaye | apna mara , aap dikhave | chalat ban maru | ulat mooth maru | mar mar kalua | teree aas char | chaumukh diya | mar badee kee chhatee | itana kam mera na kare to tuje mata ka doodh piya haram|

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)


Garland of black hakeek (rosary), four-faced lamp, pure cow’s ghee(melted butter), black cloth, black posture, any sweet, incense and frankincense incense, fragrant incense sticks, rose perfume.


meditation  will start on Tuesday, after taking bath on Tuesday, go to the crematorium at 11 o’clock in the night, purify the place where you want to do meditation with water or rose perfume, the face will remain black on the head. Tie the cloth, make a security cordon, then light the four-faced lamp, use cow’s ghee in the lamp, then burn Google Loban (types of incense) and light fragrant incense sticks, worship Ganesha (Indian god) in the prescribed way, make a garland of your family deity and pray for success in work, then Shabar (simple) Do 11 rounds of attraction  mantra.

This meditation is for 7 days, every day there will be only one method, after completing the meditation, offer sweets, and come home without saying anything and without looking back, on the last day of meditation tell your mind to Kaluva Veer (Indian dangerious god) and you Whoever you want to subdue, be it a boy, a girl or your enemy, bring him to me and say this to Kaluwa Veer, within 21 days of completion of this meditation, Kaluwa Veer will bring that person to you, will subjugate him. (This action is of crematorium, so do it under the supervision of preceptor  and don’t use this mantra for bad deeds)

In this way you can do attraction work by using Shabar attraction  mantra.

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