Ancient mesmerism

You must have heard the name of attraction ; Intentions should be good, today I will discuss about how to achieve real ancient mesmerism  trap, what is its mantra, what is its law and order,

With attraction mode, you can fascinate the desired person and gathering, today in this post, I will explain to you how the real ancient mesmerism trap is accomplished,

Ancient mesmerism


mohinee mohinee main kara mohinee mera naam | raaja moha praja moha moha shahar gram || trinjan baithee naar moha chonke baithee ko | star bahatar jis galee main jaava sau mitr sau vairee ko || vaaje mantr phure vacha | dekha maha mohinee tere ilm ka tamasha ||

(This is the ancient mantra of India, so there should be no change in its word.)


attraction incense  (it is special incense for attraction), 5 plumeria flowers, Google Dhoop, (this is Indian special incense)  Rudraksh garland, Rose perfume, Fragrant incense sticks.

How to prove this mantra

    meditation will start from Friday, be clean, take a bath and sprinkle perfume in meditation  section on Friday night at 10 pm, then sit facing north direction, make a security circle, then take a incense, Google (google is special incense for Indian god) and attraction incense should burn in it, Ganesha’s Worship one rosary of your family deity and one rosary of shiva, keep 5  plumeria  flowers in front of you, chant 7 rosaries of the above mentioned attraction mantra, while doing the rosary Google’s incense and attraction incense should be on and while chanting the mantra your attention should be on you. The one whom you want to subdue, whether it is a boy or a girl, remember him in your mind.

This ritual is for 41 days, there will be only one ritual every day, sleep in the meditation room and it is very important to follow celibacy, within 45 days of completion of this meditation , be it a boy or a girl will be attracted towards you. .

In this way, by proving the real ancient mesmerism, you can attract the desired person towards you and can control it, whether it is eclipse time or any other auspicious occasion, do 21 rounds of this mantra so that the mantra remains awake.

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